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Binge-Eating Disorder: Treatment Is Not “Just Make Healthier Choices” - ChicagoNow (blog)

ChicagoNow (blog)Next time you’re in a crowd of people, see if you can spot who most likely struggles with binge-eating disorder. Sounds easy, right? Just pick out the largest individuals. Nope, not necessarily. Not everyone who is overweight has BED; not everyone with … …read more


Laura Hout: For the Health-Conscious, Fiesta Is Not All Binge or Bust - Noozhawk

NoozhawkLike many women (and men), I’ve struggled with binge eating. And now that a certain pharmaceutical company is pushing its latest wonder drug to treat Binge Eating Disorder with the help of a former tennis champion, most Americans have heard of the … …read more


The Truth About Binge Eating Disorder: Don't Just Tell People to "Eat Better" - AlterNet

The Truth About Binge Eating Disorder: Don’t Just Tell People to “Eat Better”AlterNetNot all obese people suffer from Binge Eating Disorder, but it’s good to be aware that some do — especially since shame compels many sufferers to keep it a secret. And be compassionate. Because only through compassion …read more


A Binge-Eating Clinic Slims Down After Its Permit Is Rejected - Seven Days

A Binge-Eating Clinic Slims Down After Its Permit Is RejectedSeven DaysFox Run had proposed what it claimed would be a first-in-the-nation outpatient center intended exclusively for women with binge-eating disorder. The owners of the 40-year-old Ludlow weight-management retreat wanted to supplement its educational … …read more


Health Tip: Binge Eating Can Harm Health -

Health Tip: Binge Eating Can Harm News) — Binge eating involves eating large amounts of food very quickly, and having no apparent control over this behavior. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases mentions these potential risks of binge eating:. …read more


#NationalWatermelonDay: Top 3 Healthy Binge Eating Options to Snack Smart! - Mstarz

#NationalWatermelonDay: Top 3 Healthy Binge Eating Options to Snack Smart!MstarzIt’s #NationalWatermelonDay, folks. What that means is we’re about to talk about healthy eating… in the form of binge eating. The act is, well, so much fun – that’s just a fact (we think?). Anyway, unfortunately, it’s also incredibly bad …read more


Confessions of a middle-aged binge eater - The Australian Women's Weekly

The Australian Women’s WeeklyBED (Binge Eating Disorder), the most common of eating disorders in Australia and more prevalent than anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, affects almost as many men as it does women of all shapes and sizes, incomes and ethnicities, and its occurrence … …read more

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